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MSM #123 : Justin Nozuka – Oh Momma


J’avais déjà blogué un morceau de Justin Nozuka en Janvier, en revoici un autre. Très beau lui aussi, peut être mieux encore. Certes il est 11h et des brouettes mais je voulais la poster quand même 🙂

[Verse 1]
Give me that line again-
He’s not coming home again tonight
Momma wipe those tears from your cheeks
It don’t make no difference now
Remind me one last time that you won’t ever go
Oh the whales can’t swim without the tide,
And birds won’t fly without the stars in the sky

I can’t feel without your touch
I can’t dream without your smile
I can’t live without your love (Oh Momma)
I cannot fall without your hand
I can’t cry without your arms
I can’t live without your love (Oh Momma)

[Verse 2]
Give me that song again,
Hold me closer than you ever did before
When I’ve given all I’ll give you more
We’ll keep on floating to the shore
You can take a storm and turn it all around and then the sun shines through
Oh the story of your life
We have all been designed
but you’re as real on the outside


See when it all comes back around
And he still can’t figure out how he let you get away
You just keep your head up high
And know it’s better off that way

// Et bien sûr la musique continue sur SoundNation

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